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I have been searching thru the posts here trying to find some info on replacing the downpipe/ y- piece on my 05 XT.
I'm sure I've come across this info before but now can't seem to find it...
Hopefully someone can either post a link to what I need or can answer my questions.
So here goes,
The CAT in the downpipe has a split running along its whole length so obviously needs replacing.
As a Subaru part is in the region of £500 I am looking for an alternative.
I know that u can replace some parts of the exhaust with impreza stuff so would like to know what my options are.
I would like to achieve the classic burble sound if poss, not bothered about it being heard 5 streets away I'll leave that for the impreza guys!

1. Which model impreza would I need to source parts from?

2. If replace the downpipe which other parts should also be swapped out?

3. Is it better/ cheaper to source aftermarket parts or go with 2nd hand impreza stuff?

4. Is it 100% necessary to have a remap after these mods?

5. Anyone in the UK looking to sell the stuff I need?

Thanks in advance for your help 😎

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Any 02-07 WRX or WRX STi downpipe should work and bolt up.

Really comes down if you have an CobbAP or not. If not, I’d stick with a used stock downpipe as it won’t effect your current stock tune.

If you do... then you can go aftermarket, same info as above applies, but you’ll need a retune.
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