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2005 Forester 2.5x Automatic
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Hi everyone,

I own a 2005 Forester 2.5X non-turbo automatic with 160,767 miles on it. I just noticed last night that the plastic cracked at the top of the radiator. So today I spent some time looking for a radiator online to purchase of course. I just had the Subie in the shop about a 1000 miles ago to have the timing belt and such done. The irony here is that I had the radiator hoses, thermostat, water pump replaced as well.

Long story short, I'm planning on doing this radiator swap myself and reusing the new hoses, new thermostat, and purchasing new coolant. I'm unsure how many gallons of coolant I need for the whole job. Does anyone have any idea and any suggestions on a wallet-friendly coolant for my Subie that's my daily driver?

Thanks for your help. Cubancig
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