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2004 FXT 5MT
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It started when the light behind the temperature knob stopped working. So, I took the unit apart expecting an LED to be burnt out, but it all worked fine. Put it back together - still now lighting up. Took it apart again, works while apart. Put it back together...still no dice on the temp knob light. So, I was frustrated and decided to just buy another unit off ebay. I install it, and now the temp knob light works....but the other two don't! Took it apart, back together, and it works! Finally. Fast forward a couple months, and now the heat doesn't work properly. It gets luke warm when you turn it to cold, and cold when you turn it to hot. Back to ebay for another unit. I plug this one in, and yay, the heat works again! But....temp knob light is out! Who cares, I have heat. Fast forward to the last few days, and now it's full blast hot when the temp knob is all the way up. But go 1 single click down, and it gets luke warm. There is no inbetween - luke warm or blast furnace.

So, my question is about the system in general. Is all of the controls and temperature logic inside the hvac unit, or are there any temp sensors elsewhere that might influence this thing? Is this a common issue? Should I just try to get *another* one?
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