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04 FXT 5mt New Owner

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My son and I bought an 04 FXT as a rebuild project!
Wrecked valves from AC tensioner failing and belt cutting through the timing cover and skipping teeth! Car has 110k on it and here we go with the rebuild list.
Supertech +1mm valves and guides.
Crower springs, retainers and keepers.
Zimmerman (PHX) to do the valve job.
Gates Race belts and timing kit.
Wiseco 100mm forged AP pistons.
Manley Rods with ACL Race L and R
The good head studs.
Subaru Gasket kit and misc seals.
Found up pipe Catalytic crap in the TD04 so searching for a new VF or TD05 16g now.
Grimspeed UP and Cross pipes (yikes)
11 STI TMIC found($250), hose needed.
Perrin BPV (free) acquired
06 STI struts($150) modded already ($120) to fit front hubs. with 1" lower springs!
06 STI Turbo back exhaust ($150)and Kartboy tall hangers for rear clearance.
Greddy OEM clutch and flywheel($500)

I know that is a mouthful, but if you have the motor all over the garage floor, you may as well put parts in it to make it new!

Just need a 6mt to fall from the sky now!
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It has been a long couple months and things are still progressing along.
As anyone who has attempted this on their own will attest, there are a lot of parts in there. The goal of this project is to have a building experience with my 17yr old son, and it has been a windy path. We had the motor out in the first 5 days, and found a lot of fun in there.

The turbo was basically toast. But YAY! Who wants a TD04 anyway?
Ended up replacing most every hose under there as they were all hard and crumbly.

After almost buying a Turbo online that was remaned, one of my gun customers hooked me up with a trade/trade deal with Full Race here in Phoenix for the amazing Borg Warner EFR 62/58 kit. Up pipe, turbo, v-band downpipe and misc accessories. Of course when that happens, you want more and more stuff to go with such an awesome kit!

Anyway, last week we got in the 3rd order of lifters and finalized the head trim out to nice and consistent. It was funny how we would take a measurement, do the math and order the lifter to perfection, install the lifter and it would end up tight!? No idea why that was, but eventually we got it right. Needless to say, I have 9 new lifters and 16 used ones for sale if anyone is interested for $10 used, $20 new. I can post the #'s if anyone wants.

The final pieces to the puzzle arrive on Tuesday. Clutch, flywheel, 12mm oil pump, Grimmspeed crosspipe and pully with some small stuff too. Once the oil pump arrives, the motor can go back together, timing belt installed and hung back on the hoist for clutch install.

I am looking for SAGE WISDOM here:
Has anyone done a BORG EFR before? I am wondering if the water lines can be installed like on the TD04, on the same side of the turbine housing? The manual says one on top and one on the bottom so it can flow "across" the housing? But the hard lines are set up for same side application?

Also, has anyone used the AVO inlet before? We already have it plumbed into the intake/fuel system and it is a tight snug fit. I need to block off the bypass recirc hole as the EFR has the built in BPV and I can get rid of more crap back there, and build a block off plate for the intercooler. Would be fun if someone made a 15psi activated whistle to mount there!

I really want a tuner in the East Valley of Arizona to work with, rather than going to Dynocomp 45 minutes away, anyone have a recommendation for someone with real skill and experience here? I don't need to make the 440hp the turbo is capable of, in fact, 275whp is my target to keep the 5mt spinning for a long time.

Let's end this one here, and I can see about keeping the journal flowing more than monthly.
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As soon as the forum will allow, I will post some pics. The 06 STI struts that we modded are on and the wheels back on. Let's just say a 4" drop is just what the doctor ordered! Come to find out the STI Struts already had Eibach 1" drop springs installed! Good thing the BRZ wheels and tires are on there, otherwise, we may be rolling stuff. Want 18x8.5 someday, but these were basically free!

Plasti Dipped the sideview mirrors, rear bumper splitter section and the front grille. Looking good, now we have the ebay front lip to contend with and install. Looks to be a royal pain, but we can be having a SUV shaped front on our FSTi can we?

HID Headlamps and Foglamps installed too. With a little plasti dip smoke on the headlights for good measure.
Couple pics of the process. Need a 3rd support bracket for the 2011 intercooler and we are good to go.

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Ended up sending out the exhaust and hot side for 2000 deg coating. No wrap for me. This has been a long slow process and nearly double the cost I started thinking it would be. But, the car is going to be cool. :Banane36:
So we put it back together and primed it and it started right up! Came up to pressures and temps after topping of the Power Steering fluid. Sounded clean and happy. Putted around the block on Cobb stage II before a tune and sounded ok but was obviously not right.

Got an etune and since this is my first time ever tuning a turbo car, read the instructions wrong. The car ran great in the neighborhood run around, and idled well. but I misread and went ahead and did the 3rd gear pull from 2k to redline. We are only on 9psi but the tuner yelled at me for doing that on a spanking new rotating assembly and valves.

Needless to say, there were issues, started to knock and we decided to shut down and pull it again. SPUN ROD [email protected]@@#@!!.

So the motor went to the Machine Shop to be done right. Guess a father and son team and plasti gauge don't make the best combination as we had to have gotten something wrong. Although, there is a very good possiblilty that the oil pump bypass stuck open as the OIL light was flickering at idle = 3psi which is not enough! Pistons look good, but now it will be maxed out to perfect tolernaces.

3 weeks later, still waiting on machine shop and reassembly.

Someday soon we will have the Fozzy on the road again.
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Back together with the freshly blueprinted motor and 600 miles on the break in tune.

Coming up with 2 issues now that we are up and running:
1. Some oil in the cold side pooling just before the intercooler in the elbow. When I say some, I mean a couple teaspoon full sitting there. No boost yet so none in the IC.
2. P0021 code keeps throwing. So we have a bad sensor, solenoid, or possible AVCS sprocket. Should not be the sprocket as we took them apart and flushed the goo out during the rebuild.

Motor is super smooth through the revs, and at idle it is a little wonky. Probably due to the Light Flywheel, Light Crank pully and TGV Deletes.

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