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04 Forester X wont idle after cold start

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I was needing some advice on where i should check or replace parts on my subaru, so i crank the motor but it wont start up, so if i push the gas it will start but once i release the pedal it will immediately stall, once its warmed up if i release the gas then it idles like there never was a problem.

Heres what ive done so far,

Changed spark plugs and wires
Fully charged battery
Completely cleaned the throttle body and plate
Changed fuel filter.

After all this it still requires me to hold the gas pedal down when i start and warm up the vehicle. A couple friends have recommended the fuel pump, the IAC sensor, and the map sensor. Thats great and all but for starters I hate subaru's in the first place and ive been planning on selling it for a while because i hate boxer motors and all the stupid EPA **** that makes it hard to run this motor properly. This was my grandmas car till it had these problems then she gave it to me and said i can sell it or keep it, but im not willing to throw much more money at this POS car manufacturer when i have a perfectly good honda that just needs piston rings and a fuel pump and it will run like a champ. So im willing to throw $200 more dollars at it till i sell it wholesale and wash my hands of this plaque. Im very mechanically inclined to the point i can rebuild a motor but still not to good when i comes to diagnostics of these ****** chinese sensors. If you need more info to help me figure this problem out just let me know.
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Try this

When the engine is dead cold disconnect the MAF sensor. Its the sensor mounted after the air filter. Start the engine. If it starts and idles then you found the problem. Check the wiring. If its ok then replace the MAF.
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