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04 forester - CEL just came on, still on?

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whats goin on i have a 04 subaru forester with about 250,000 miles on it i bought used the check engine light just came on about a week ago and its still on im wondering if the o2 sensors r bad both of them it happened on one of my other cars i had that the o2 sensors went bad and im replacing them both am i right on the nose on this please help
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havent done the code have a code reader will read the code after i get outta work tommorrow andthen ill let u know im figuring it out to be the O2 sensors
hey the one o2 sensor is buried behind the crossmember of the frame if it is the o2 sensors its wedged behind the crossmember and the y of the exhaust pipe if its the o2 sensors will i have to drop the exhaust pipe off the engine to get at the one o2 sensor becuase i cant get the socketand wrench in there its a menace to me so let me know how to get the front o2 sensor out please

i have a jack stand that i can support the exhaust when indisconnect it from the engine so i dont break apart the exhaust system if i have to take it aprt

I've had this '99 for 20 yrs and 230,000 ... have found the 1st thing to do when a CEL comes on is take a damp cloth / paper towel and wipe off the rubber seal on the gas cap and the metal surface it joins. Takes care of about 1/2 of the CEL's within couple days.

will try it but already ripped apart the o2 sensors will be droppin the exhuast off the engine and supportin it when i dismantle the o2 sensors right now theyre disconnected and cut the wire bought new ones in the middle of repalcing them have to wait till its a little warmer outside to do it

the one o2 sensor is buried behind the crossmember of the frame and directly on the convertor and have to drop the exhaust system off and support it with a jack stand and take the nutty o2 sensors out and replace the seals on the exhaust pipe and hook it back up
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it was the freakingas cap got it fixed erased the code now to fix the o2 sensors i ripped apart i disconnected them and cut them

it was the freakin gas cap that tripped the code and i erased it and now i have to drop the entire exhaust off the engine and support it with jack standa and pull out the old o2 sensors cut the old ones and have to replace both put the exhaust back together and do another code read for the o2 sensors and erase thoses codes and get her goin cant start it right now NO o2 sensore connected
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