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OK, I am rather curious. I am now a bonafide Subaru convert, and I want another Fozzy when I get the money saved. I want one between 2004 and 2008, before the radical redesign. Now, Problem is, I don't know a damn thing about all the different trims and packages. I have an "L" and I know that the one above that was an "S" in the SF models.
Can some one explain what the differences are between an "X," "XS," "XT," "FXT," or if there is one, an "XTS." I am trying to find one with either a 5 or 6MT, with little to no mods (I can do mods myself... Or have my brother do it... Either way, I don't need mods atm.)

I would greatly appreciate it!

On a side note, I was checking out my local Craigslist boards... HA!!! People OBVIOUSLY don't have a clue how much their cars are worth! Not knocking our beloved Fozzies, but some morons wanted about a grand more than what their cars were worth! For example, 99 "S" 88k miles, 5MT... $4750... Um, even in very good condition, 99 Foz "S" is only worth at best, $3000, and that is in SHOWROOM condition. Just a rant to get out of my system. I think that's why I was turned off of Subaru for the LONGEST time... I didn't do my research!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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