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I am a new member looking to purchase specifically an 04'-05' FXT manual transmission with sunroof. I am looking to replace my excellent driver-condition 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE with the FXT specifically to be used as a summer vehicle. Unfortunately, with 2 kids, the RX-7 just doesn't get driven much and I think the FXT would fill the void nicely in contrast to my everyday 4Runner.

I have found 2-3 around the country, unfortunately they are either quite far away from the midwest or are champagne-opal in color (any other color if possible!). Preferably, would like to find a vehicle with less than 120,000 miles. I do realize that this is a very narrow search for a very specific vehicle, but I am in no rush and looking to find the right vehicle to be used for many years to come. I am also willing to fly out and drive the vehicle back home as well vs. shipping.

Hopefully this post will find a member with the right vehicle that they might be willing to part with, or know of a vehicle that may be for sale with these options. I am definitely willing to pay good money for the right vehicle, so let me know what you've got. If a member would be interested in a partial trade involving my RX-7, please let me know as pictures can be sent upon request. Thanks for considering,


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