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We bought our '03 from a used car dealer. After a couple of days, we figured out that the door is not keyed the same as the ignition, so apparently some work was done that didn't show on the Carfax. So now we have to use the keyless entry to open the vehicle. That's fine until we lose the remotes or something in the keyless entry system breaks down. I'd prefer to have a key that can open the door.

Can a locksmith either:
1) Custom-cut a key to fit the existing lock or
2) Re-tool the existing lock to fit the key we have?

Anyone have a ballpark figure for what this would cost?

Other option: replacing the door lock with a lock and key from a wrecked car. Again:

1) How much work is that for someone who is mechanically inclined?
2) Where would I get a lock with the same pattern as the ignition switch?
3) Would it be better to just replace the ignition and door locks at the same time?


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replacing the lock is fairly easy. Remove the inner door card with the window rolled up you will have access to it.

A lock smith may be able to either rekey it to match you existing key or make a door key to work with the existing lock.

Cheapest route would be to replace the lock but that leaves you with 2 different keys.

Another option would be to call a lock smith to find out if they can rekey it to match your existing key and you pull the lock and bring it to them, it may save some you some of their charges(on site charge vs their shop).
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