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I have a wrecked 03 auto Forester (a salvage write-off, which starts and drives) which has donated its 3 good doors to my daughter's 06 manual Forester, after her Braille parking gave them a new look.

The salvage 03's working auto trans might donate further to rejuvenate a locally available 01 Forester GT with good everything, except blown auto trans, IFdiff ratios match.

The research I've done so far seems to confirm that normally aspirated (non-turbo) 03 auto Foresters had 4.444 diff ratios, as did the auto 01 Forester GT. Can anyone confirm, or save me going down this route please?

(Subarus now owned by son, daughter, and sister-in-law - so I'm getting to know them better- my son is on his second Outback, after using donor wreck to rejuvenate his 99, now moved on to an 09 model)
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