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2003 Forester 2.5XS 5-Speed
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Hi all-

First post here. I 've searched thorugh the forum quite a bit, but just can't find the answer I'm looking for.

I have inherited my wife's 2003 Forester 2.5XS, 5-Spd, 130K miles. I've been going through the car, getting it all sorted out before giving it to my dad, and I'm down to one last issue.

Car has been trowing a P0442 code *forever*. Years. Been to the dealer several times for it, car has been smoke tested repeatedly, gas cap replaced, etc.. I learned to just live with it, and clear the code every now and then, just to make sure it was the same code every time, and that no new codes were being generated.

Well, I'm about to give the car to my dad 1500 miles away, and I don't want him to have to deal with the CEL. I have a Tectix cable, but I can't seem to locate the right software/instructions on how to clear this code permanently. I want to tell the ECU yes, I know about this code, but I don't ever want you to show me the CEL for it again. There must be a way to do this!

Any and all help appreciated!!

Wayland MA

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CEL 442 is the front O2 Sensor. does the car bog and surge? replace that sensor and she should be sweet. had the same problem with my X aswell. that was the code.

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P0442, per the Subaru repair manual, is Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (Small Leak) :wink:

As to disabling the CEL code. The '03 ECM can't be directly programed, so no, you can't disable this CEL code. :frown:

Hard to believe the dealership couldn't find & correct the problem? :confused:


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