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'03 aluminum 16" rims on '09 Forester???

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Does anyone know of any reason that 16” aluminum rims from a 2003 Forester can’t be used on a 2009 Forester?

I have a 2009 L.L. Bean edition that needs new ties, but I’m extremely disappointed in the selection and pricing of 225/55R17 tires. I still have a 2003 XS with a dead motor, so I have 16” rims right there. I figure, since the 2009 X base model came with 215/65R16 tires, I could get new tires mounted on those 16” rims and swap them out between cars.

The selection and pricing are much, much better for 215/85R16. I’d prefer to stay with the factory circumference, but I figure the 16” rims would give me even great flexibility to play with different sizes, as well.

Seems like it should be pretty straightforward, but I figured I check in here in case someone knows of any potential problem I might be missing, like, say, with the brake calipers for instance.
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