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2004 Forester XT 4EAT
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I have an 05 XT with a 1.5 inch strut spacer lift along with 2 inch trailing arm spacers. I will be putting in all terrain tires very soon and will be looking to get a slight size upgrade from the standard 216/60/R16 to a 216/70/R16. Some people have reported no rub when the wheel is turned to full lock at this size, others have. What I have noticed is it seems to be partially dependent on the make and model of the tire (tread differences, etc since the fit is tight). With that said, has anyone used one of the following tires at the 216/70/R16 size and can report their experience, specficially with turn radius?

-Yokohama Geolander A/T G015
-Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S All Terrain
-BFGoodrich All Terrain K02
-Toyo Open Country A/T II

Other experiences are also welcome, including road noise, mpg changes, handling, etc.
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