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2002 Forester manual
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My 2002 Forester with 186k and manual transmission is making a buzzing sound that is directly related to ground speed. It happens whether accelerating or coasting, and no change with left/right turns. The sound is similar what I've heard in the past when a tire is worn and has steel cords hitting the pavement, but louder. It is audible at all speeds, but the pitch is lower at slow ground speeds of course. In addition to simple buzzing, there is a very low frequency modulation in the sound as well.

The sound appears to be coming from the right front. It sounds like some sort of wheel bearing or perhaps CV joint sound to me. It is not tires- I swapped out the right front and right rear, and no change.

I made this recording with my phone on the passenger floorboard as I drove down my street which has very smooth pavement.

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