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Hey SFO-

I'm doing the above tried and true setup on my '07 Sports FXT and looking to hear from someone who has this exact setup on what size rear strut spacer you used to cure the "rear sag" commonly experienced with this setup.

I'll be using new KYB AGX Struts from an 02-03 WRX, 04-07 STI Pink springs, Group N Strut Mounts up front, and KYB Strut Mounts in the rear.

"Just eyeball it bro" will not work, as I do not have time to set all of this up, align it, drive it/let it settle, then decided what size spacer to use. I'd heavily prefer to purchase the correct spacer initially and drop it all in as one neat package.

I've read through too many pages of the ride height thread and searched every thread from 2007 to now, but can't seem to find a consistent "this is what I used with this setup and here's a picture".

Seems like most use 3/8" spacers?

Thanks all-
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