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Hello all,

Newbie member here that fell in love with Foresters beginning of this year. Bought a 2001 sf5 type S as a project car with a blown motor in jan, swapped in a jdm ej203 motor and new clutch kit on March.

Just 3 weeks ago, tranmission went out (previous owner dogged tranny bad, pops OUT 4th and grinds in 3rd n 5th), went to the junk yard and pulled a 99 tranny.

After installing tranny, started car and nothing. Car goes into gear without the clutch while motor is on idle without any grinds. Car doesnt move at all. The new tranny shift smoothly and feels like its going into gear. Checked everything hydrolic and all fluids...all good. Clutch is only 4 months old and was not removed during swap.

Can anybody help or point me towards a thread that can help me before I buy another tranny? Thanks a million guys!
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