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01 L keyless entry

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I have an 01 forester L and it does not have keyless entry. I bought a keyless entry module but I can't find which connector to plug it into under the dash.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought they were wired for it you just had to install the module? Does any body have a pic of the connector I'm looking for or am I on a wild goose chase?
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For an 01, your keyless entry module is/should be located underneath your driver side vent. To access it, you will need to take off your panel. You will see black material (that's underneath the vent), in this area you should have two nuts that is 10mm with a bracket that holds the keyless module in place. I will try to find a picture and post it. Good luck, and I hope this make sense... It's late on my end lol.

found it...oh, the connector is white, hopefully you will be able to find it since you know where it is located now, again, good luck! and have a good night :)

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I got under there and my car had the keyless entry box under there but I put the new one in and started the programming process but the horn will not horn after turning the key 10 times in 15 seconds.

What am I missing here?

Make sure all doors are closed
Get in shut drivers door
Turn key from off to on 10 time the horn is supposed to honk but it won't.
i also had a hard time programming my new key fob. I almost gave up, but I saw someone on youtube when he was going from on and off position with the key, he was turning it super fast. I had to do the same thing as well, so try again, but do it faster... LOL
Ok so My Subaru apparently likes it hard and fast :N_poke: cause it worked haha

Thanks for the help.
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