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After paying for another installation of a wheel bearing, (left rear) at several hundred $, I am now on a mission to buy the tools I need to fix the next wheel bearing that is now starting to be noisy.

I also have a bad O2 sensor-front on the catalytic converter. How do I change that and how much is the part?

I have done some searches in this forum, but thought someone might help me out with a direct response.

The right rear bearing is going - frustrating because I just replaced that one about 14 months ago. Would there be a warranty on that thing?:confused:

Is there any member in Columbus with tools to change a wheelbearing? I'll supply the beer and pizza for an afternoon of wrenching.

2004 Forester 4EAT
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I'm going to buy the tools and do mine too. Hub Shark and this one are good. Harbor freight also sells one. I'm not one to buy cheap tools though.

OTC 6537 Hub Tamer

- Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

Here's a pdf on how to do it.

O2 sensor is pretty easy. If you can not get a box wrench on it, you may have to buy the special socket. Any auto parts store will have it. I don't recommend the universal sensor unless you're pretty comfortable with mating the wires together.

Wideband A/F Oxygen Sensors by Bosch - Part 17018 - Advance Auto Parts
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