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01 Forester S climate control issues

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The climate control only will blow hot air...If I turn the temp control to cold it still has hot air coming out.The car is completely stock.Could the cable have come loose?.I'm pretty good with turning a wrench,so what would be the best way to aproach this issue?
The other issue is when I turn the AC on the light doesn't come on.Iv'e checked all the fuses.Could this be a relay issue?
I'm new to Subarus so any info is helpful.
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Something (cable, vent door) is stuck or disconnected, most likely; AC button light might have burned out, can be replaced, (AC can still be functioning).

Get a repair manual and start wrenching :)
After poking around behind the dash I found the cable had come off of the vent door..I'm kinda embaressed I even ask for help on this it was so simple to fix.Still need to look into the light on the AC button.
I did manage to fix the clock w/info found on this site...Thanks Subaru Owners Forum!
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