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About to possibly purchase a '01 Forester S-turbo with 105k kilometers and a competative price. [This week !!]
On the phone, the seller reported that there may be some problem with the differential (or other) because there's a "transmission noise".

I've read on the forum about potential problems with differential(s), head-gasket, or wheelbearing(s).
Also read some info on how to -sort of- determine the area

But .... I'm not an expert in determining 'problem' nor 'root-cause'.
I -am- a mechanical engineer, and have quite a good general idea on what to look for with these cars .... but it certainly isn't my day-job.
Also, I have no comparison on what is considered 'normal' for a Forester.

Some help appreciated:
- How loud a noise, what sort of noise would be "acceptable"
(i.e. whisper, background whine, white-noise, speech-interfering rumble, loud grinding .... [your description] )
- I'll know it's too-late when I have to be towed-away, but am hoping to avoid that. My wife especially will -hate- that when I just convinced her that the Forester is a reliable, sturdy car .... excellent for Caravan towing etc.
- What kind of money am I looking at for possible repairs ?
-- Front diff
-- Rear diff
-- Wheel bearings
-- Transaxle bearings
I saw some mentioning in the $1200 range, some in 1500 Euro ($2100) ... is that including labour/taxes, replace or refurbish .... and how do I assure it solves the root-cause ?
- I think I can determine the correct functioning of the (automatic) gearbox [test-script from service-manual I downloaded] .... but what kind of money am I looking at when the whole tranny needs replacement ??

Or maybe I'm over-reacting to the 'noise' message ?
It -is- priced some 1500 euro lower than others from similar age & distance, but there really are not that many for sale now so I'm willing to take a -little- risk in buying it anyway.

Suggestions, Information, Pricing, Tips for testing
Or just an original reaction ... Appreciated !
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