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2001 Forester L Autotragic
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Hello all. My name is Aaron. I will start by saying there is so much info here it is fantastic. I love the Subaru community!

My wife and I are Subaru lovers. I recently purchased an 01 Forester sight unseen ( Bone head move ). The body is in great shape other than the front core support that I will replace soon. Also pulling the engine in a week or so to do a full engine reseal ( Should of just grabbed an EJ20 ;) and cleaning the engine bay to seal all the seams and fix a small steering rack leak.

Anyways the wife and I have the following Subarus

2014 Forester XT
2014 BRZ Limited
2007 STI Limited
2001 Forester L

Not posting Forester pics for a long while, its in some sorry shape lads :)
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