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02 Forester 4EAT Phase II
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Hi everyone,

Over the past 2 weeks I have been tearing my 01 Forester apart from the ground up. As of right now, all 4 knuckles have been removed, 2 of which have new wheel bearings, ball joints, and hubs. I am in the middle of doing the same thing to the other 2 remaining knuckles. I have a new front and rear o2 sensor, tie rods, plugs/ wires, t-stat, upper and lower radiator hoses, all 4 struts, brake lines all around (new ones are braided steel/ teflon). I have 2 new ABS sensors for the rear, along with new back plates (rear). I have a replacement drive axle for the driver's side front (old one had a split inner boot and I have no idea how long it has been like that) to hold me over until I rebuild the one I took out. New front rotors, rear drums/ cylinders. I also replaced both bushings connecting rear lateral links to knuckles on both sides of rear. Now for the questions. Today, I drained my tranny pan and the ATF fluid was looking pretty grimy (last serviced at around 80K- car now has 136K on it). I understand that by pulling the drain plug, I only drained about 4-5 qts. of ATF. The rest is stored in my torque converter and other parts of the tranny? I have read where most members on this forum drain the pan, refill, drive, drain, refill, etc. Is this the best method to swap the ATF? I also have a fresh filter for it. I was considering putting Royal Purple in both the tranny, as well as the engine once I drain the oil. Also, what is the best method to seal the tranny pan, rubber gasket, cork, silicon sealant? I'm dropping the pan tomorrow morning and would like to adjust the bands, only problem is I have no knowledge on auto trannies, and I'm not sure if I can realistically make adjustments w/o messing something up. What will I be looking at once the pan is off?Any help is greatly appreciated.

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