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MY LIFE SUCKS. In May my '99 got wiped out by a deer. So I replaced it with an '02 I'd had my eye on for a while. Took a couple of months to get it together, and it was really in great shape. My girls, who'll be getting their licenses in a couple of weeks, were really looking forward to it being their ride. Until last Tuesday, that is, when it got written off by another [email protected]!ng deer - this time while one of my daughters was driving. This is the worst car-year ever.

So I just picked up an '01 - decent enough shape, though not really sweet like the '02. I'm swapping some pieces over, starting with the brand new set of (4) struts I'd just put in the '01. The '02 has rear disks, while the '01 has drum rears. I'd really like to move the disks from the '02 to the '01.

Is this swap a quick+easy one? Do I have to move any bits other than the brake assemblies? Are the hand brake cables compatible? Are the knuckles (?) identical/compatible? Or are things more complicated than this?
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