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NOW AVAILABLE: Stage Series Motorsports LED Brackets

Diode Dynamics is excited to announce our new Stage Series Motorsports LED Bracket Kit! Designed specifically for rally racing, these brackets allow rally teams to mount up to four SS12 Stage Series 12" LED Light Bars or SS18 Stage Series 18" LED Light Bars on the hood of the vehicle. The whole kit includes everything needed for installation and uses stainless steel hardware for long-lasting durability, and custom-made rubber bumpers to absorb vibration and prevent any damage to the hood.

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Racers can fully adjust the setup and angling of each Stage Series LED Light Bar for their specific race conditions and preference. Also included in the kit are four wide clear lenses for customers to swap out as needed, to achieve the ideal rally lighting for a particular stage or race.


  • Rally-designed light bar mounting solution
  • Mount up to four 12" or 18" Stage Series LED Light Bars
  • Fully customizable, adjust light bar angle and position
  • Aligns to hood contour
  • Quick release mounts for night stages with DZUS sliding lock fasteners
  • Highly durable powdercoated steel construction

This kit utilizes Dzus sliding latch fasteners to mount the light bar brackets to the vehicle. These provide reliable, strong attachment, while still offering quick installation for night stages. Teams just need to install them to the hood with a few rivets, and they'll be able to throw their light bars on within seconds during service!

Designed specifically for night stage rally races, Diode Dynamics Stage Series LED Light Bars have been engineered for maximum functionality, with compact size, custom-engineered TIR optics, and a useful beam pattern, all in a highly durable package. The ideal solution for rally racing, our LED light bars provide FAR more usable light output than much larger, heavier generic options.

Each Stage Series Motorsports LED Bracket Kit includes:
  • Bracket set
  • Four (4) SS18 Stage Series 18" Driving White Light Bars (optional)
  • Four (4) SS12 Stage Series 12" Driving White Light Bars (optional)
  • Eight (8) 8-32" Stainless Steel Hex Nuts
  • Four (4) 8-32" Stainless Steel Hex Screws
  • Eight (8) Dzus 1500 Series Spacers
  • Eight (8) M6 Custom-Designed Bumper Feet
  • Twenty-four (24) M6 Stainless Steel Flange Bolts
  • Twenty-four (24) M6 Stainless Steel Flange Nuts
  • One (1) heavy-duty relay harness
  • Two (2) DT splitters
  • Four (4) SS Wide Clear Lenses
  • Installation Guide

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  • Designed to fit on any rally car hood.
  • Depending on bracket position and aiming, this kit is compliant with American Rally Association, CARS, and NASA Rally Sport regulations (check with your governing body before installing)

These Stage Series Motorsports LED Brackets were proudly designed in St. Louis, are backed by our 3-year warranty. Want to see what LED lighting upgrades we offer for your ride? Click here!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post, PM, email [email protected] or call us: (314) 205-3033

*PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only)

Thanks for looking!
Jake H.
Diode Dynamics
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