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Hi, i’m new to this forum. Got mt Forester second hand early this year with aprox 78,000k and now it’s run 80km. Got the regular service in Jan.

I have used a can of DPF cleaner 3wks ago and did a long trip twice so far every month. one of the trips is long enough and was on highway but the latest trip i’m not sure.

About 2wks ago in the morning i saw some smoke coming out of muffler only when i push accellerater (anytime between 0-60km speed) then it was gone. The smoke issue happened again yesterday with morning DPF light started flashing straight.

I gor worried and it was friday night but driven highway for an hour and the dpf light disappeared. But i could smell something during the trip and i noticed the engine lacks power noticeably. Didnt go any higher than 90km when going over the mountain.

Any advice on where to go from this point? I read the manual but was too late to visit local dealership. I bought it off private dealer in gosford and i’m in penshurst.

I was wondering if anyone comes to tour mind as a good and reliable dpf expert who can possibly resolve this issue? Thanks
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