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  1. FORESTER - Luv it; Like it; tell us your story
    Hi, I own a 2012 s edition, incredible car 💨
  2. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hello, My 06 forester XT is really struggling with our Alberta weather. It wont start up when its below -25°C (-13°F) outside. I know its not a battery issue as I replaced the battery recently and keep it hooked up to a trickle charger. I also installed a block heater and had that plugged in...
  3. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hey guys, just curious. My 09 FXT is flashing these lights (VDC off, ABS and AT oil temp) and my indicators aren't working as well as I'm shift locked. I read online that it could either be the alternator or the TCM (but correct me if I'm wrong). I had it code scanned and the code came back as...
1-3 of 3 Results