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  1. Glass: Windows, Mirrors and Moon roofs
    Hello everyone! My 2011 Forester has both of its front windows stuck in the fully closed position. Both rear windows raise and lower perfectly. This problem was intermittent for several years, and now seems to be permanent. I have tried the window software reset sequence specified in the...
  2. Glass: Windows, Mirrors and Moon roofs
    A few questions The window of my friends 2007 forester has been stuck in the up position for more than a year. It got sluggish before it died. Is there a way to get it down to remove the glass and replace the regulator/ motor? I can't find anyone who had the problem with the window being...
  3. Glass: Windows, Mirrors and Moon roofs
    I have a 2018 2.5 premium and have had issues with rolling up my windows since I bought the vehicle (September 2018). At first my driver window seemed to strain itself when going up or down, and took an awful long time to complete the cycle. For example, the passenger window rolled up or down in...
1-3 of 3 Results