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  1. Interior and Electronics
    I'd like to replace/upgrade my existing steering wheel to something little more sporty but want to keep all my current controls and airbags. Any recommendations or experience on this type of mod? Can I replace with a WRX or STI wheel with no problems? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. We have a 2019 Forester. We have two sets of wheels, one with winter studded tires on after-market wheels and one with factory wheels and regular all-season tires. We have had three occasions when we have almost lost a factory wheel...
  3. Interior and Electronics
    I've got an 04 FXT that's been running great for a while, but over time the left side of the steering wheel "leather" has deteriorated and is now flaking off. Would it make more sense to get an STI steering wheel and swap that over, or just reupholster the current wheel? I've also got the...
  4. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    Hello! I have a 2014 forester with 17" alloys. I have been looking for a replacement after damaging one. Would a full set off an older forester fit? Impreza/legacy/outback? Thank you!
  5. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    How can I find the wheel / rim color on my 09-13 SH Forester? Does it have a color code? Mine is more of a matt grey compared to some I've seen. Pics are attached.
  6. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    Hello everyone, Im looking at putting a 15x7 (with 40mm offset) wheel on my 2012 forester with some 215/75/15 tires. I have a ADF 2 inch front and rear lift kit. I wanna make sure I won't have any rubbing or break issues with this change. Will I have to cut or remove a part of the Fender? Will...
  7. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum! Picked up a brand new forester back in June, I have been looking at getting new shoes for the car. But could not decide on whether to get black wheels or bronze. Currently I've narrowed down to KMC KM708 Bully, just want to get a second opinion on what's everyone's...
1-7 of 7 Results