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  1. Forester Shopping
    Hello! I have never owned a Subaru before, but have always been interested in one. I’m in the market for a new car. I graduate from college in a week and prefer something that will last me for a long while (ideally at least 3-5 years), gets decent mileage, and can handle well in the snow. If it...
  2. Forester Shopping
    Got what seems like a great offer on a '12 Forester from good people through my network with surprisingly low mileage for its age at 61K miles. The Kelly Blue Book value for this vehicle is $11K, which seems fair to me. The interior and most of the exterior look great, considering it's a...
  3. Forester Shopping
    So I've been searching for a 2011+ Forester for a long time and always seem to miss my chance on Craigslist (the only ones that sit on the market in Southern California for more than a day or two are overpriced lemons or salvage with spooky damage). I have a preference for private party sellers...
1-3 of 3 Results