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  1. EJ25 - 2.5L Turbocharged (2004-2013)
    Hi, still a newbee to the forums so I apologize for my lack of etiquette ... So, I bought an 06 forester XT about a year ago and I’m now wanting to upgrade to a vf34 (comments on that vs vf39 are also welcome I preferred vf34 because of the ball bearings and I heard the vf39 was prone to...
  2. Brakes
    Hey Guys, I was hoping to get some guidance. Ive been eager to have more responsive brakes. I currently have the stock brake setup on my 2.5i 2017 Forester. Can someone recommend a performance brake pad and rotor that is compatible with my OEM calipers? Something reliable and fairly priced. I...
  3. Suspension and Handling
    I recently got a new boat and when I tow it the rear of my 2014 forester sags really low is there any rear springs out there that are stiffer than stock?
  4. Interior and Electronics
    Up until today, I was periodically getting "Could not download software update" on the media unit. Today a messages pops up asking if I wanted to download and install the latest software so I said yes :) After about 5 minutes of downloading packets, installing and restarting, I am now on...