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transmission fluid
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  1. Transmission and Driveline
    So my transmission was shifting a little harsh and first thing I tried is replacing the tranny fluid/oil, as I don't know what oil they put in after the rebuild. (Yes the tranny was rebuild exactly one year ago). I know some minor metal particles are to be expected. So it was shifting a little...
  2. Transmission and Driveline
    I’ve waited a couple of months to post this. I wanted to let the experience sink in a bit and make sure that the work had not gone t*ts up. In August I took my 2015 XT premium to Andrewtech Automotive in Gaithersberg Maryland for transmission fluid change. They also did the front and rear...
  3. Transmission and Driveline
    I’ve been browsing the forum for a few hours now and found similar questions but could use some specific advice for this situation. My ATF is leaking and until my appointment to take it in I’m trying to top it back up but having an incredibly hard time. So far I’ve put 2 quarts back in. And let...
1-3 of 3 Results