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  1. Eastern Forum
    I have a ball joint removal tool that makes removing the front ball joints easier. I changed them on my now sold SH and no longer have use for it. If you would like to borrow it for a job, let me know. You can come by and pick it up. Drop it off after your done or let someone else use it and so...
  2. Tools For Repair and Maintenance
    Has anyone here used any of the following products/solutions to remove rust from chrome sockets? Evaporust (UPDATE - SPOILER ALERT I WENT WITH EVAPORUST AND WAS REALLY IMPRESSED WITH THE RESULTS) Vinegar Bath Oxalic Acid Bath Molasses Bath (3-1 part water or the longer soak10-1 part water)...
  3. News, Rumors and Media
    This may be posted here somewhere. But as it seems serious. I'm posting it. Take it down if I'm repeating other posts.
1-3 of 3 Results