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  1. Brakes
    Hi all, After getting the brakes completely redone on my 07 2.5AT X, the ABS light came on. I know why, and I'm going to fix it soon (my dad says I need a new spider gear or something along the lines of that) but will Sym. AWD still kick on if the ABS light is on? I live in NE Ohio, the snow...
  2. 16-20181024_173212.jpg

    Forester SF soft-roading (part 3)
  3. 17-20180714_171548.jpg

    Subar SF and SG side-by-side (part 1)
  4. 18-20180714_171644.jpg

    Subar SF and SG side-by-side (part 2)
  5. 19-20180714_171704.jpg

    Subar SF and SG side-by-side (part 3)
  6. 20-20190101_214958.jpg

    Subar SF and SG side-by-side at night (night 4)
  7. 02-20190316_093142.jpg

    Forester SG under the tree
  8. 03-20190316_093152.jpg

    Forester SG under the tree (part 2)
  9. 04-20190420_113118.jpg

    Forester SG riverside
  10. 05-20190420_113134.jpg

    Forester SG riverside (part 2)
  11. 06-20190414_155851.jpg

    Forester SG twinning
  12. 08-20190414_155827.jpg

    Forester SG twinning (part 2)
  13. 10-20190418_135427_001.jpg

    Forester SG hard work (muddy)
  14. 12-20190601_165603.jpg

    Forester SG twinning (part 3)
  15. 15-20181024_173247.jpg

    Forester SF soft-roading (part 2)
1-20 of 20 Results