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  1. Subaru Forrester S Model 2010 - SWC cabling

    Australia / New Zealand
    Hi all and thanks for having me. I have recently purchased a 2010 S model with a lot of extras. It seems that the previous owner spent a lot of money on engine upgrades but then skimped on the Audio side of things. In short it had a very cheap aftermarket head unit and whoever installed it...
  2. ('14-'18) SWC Buttons not working with Android head unit

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    I recently upgraded the stereo on my Subaru 2014 with an Android head unit from Seicane. The head unit is really good for the price tag but I can not get 4 out of the 8 SWC buttons to be detected by the unit. While the volume and seek(both up and down) are detected by the unit, the call accept...