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sway bar

  1. Suspension and Handling
    I just installed this (sorry, had it installed, I barely know a crescent wrench from a hammer) I'm wondering if I overdid it. This is a 2015 XT premium. It also has Mann engineering lowering spring. (~25mm) The ride feels fine. Hell, it feels fine because I drive it like a little old man (which...
  2. Suspension and Handling
    Hey guys I’m just checking if 2002 Bugeye WRX STI whiteline sway bars will fit into my 2004 forester. Got a good deal for both with all the links, bushings and brackets and just want to check. Cheers
  3. Suspension and Handling
    I asked my local dealer about the front sway/tow bar and he said they stopped making them in 2013. Anyone have a part number or know of a good quality one that will fit the suby?
  4. Suspension and Handling
    Hello, I got a 2015 FXT. So far I have installed CUSCO Front Strut Tower Bar (PT# 697 540 A). Now I plan to lower the Forester with Coils so that I can raise it back up if the time calls for it. But as far as this topic goes I got a question about Sway bars. I been considering doing 100% of...
  5. Suspension and Handling
    Hi folks - first post here and fiance and i are new owners of a 2016 Forester 2.5i w/ 67k miles. Love the car but we've both (especially the fiance) started to notice the ride is quite a bit more bumpy than we're used to and driving some of us crazy :). It seems that every little bump, crease...