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  1. Australia / New Zealand
    Looking to replace my cracked sunroof but it is really expensive to do in Australia. Have found some replacement parts in the US that are cheaper to get a hold of and thinking of replacing it myself. Will the parts in the US fit or will they be different to the Australian models? One of the...
  2. Glass: Windows, Mirrors and Moon roofs
    So I recently came into owning an 05 forester x and my sunroof will only go down on one side? By “go down” I mean one side will start to fall and go into the tracks however the left side will not budge. I will be checking the wires next week but until then, anything? SOS
  3. Forester Shopping
    I guess the title sums the questions pretty well. I've been shopping 2011-13 models and every vehicle I see with a sunroof (which I very much want) also has leather seating (which I very much do NOT want). Is this just the way trim packages work for these cars, or do some actually have cloth...
  4. Utility and Protection
    Hi folks, Question as above. From my research it looks like models with a sunroof can’t use the OEM cargo barrier. Can anyone confirm? New to the forum so apologies if I’m duplicating a question - I searched but couldn’t find a definitive answer. If this is the case, any recommendations for...