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  1. ('09-'13) 2011 - key is not in ignition, headlight switch is set to OFF, yet the headlights are on?

    Lighting and Electrical
    Woke up to my battery dead this morning and my headlights are on. The key is not in the ignition and the headlight switch is set to OFF, yet the headlights are on. I do not have the tricky "Parking Light Switch" that is on older subaru's steering wheel, so it's not like that has been...
  2. ('09-'13) 2010 - SH fender flares - I can’t seem to find any?

    Exterior and Body
    Hey all! I was wondering if anyone has done fender flares on a SH forester? There’s a few SJ foresters rocking this set up and it looks super sick. This guy lives locally to me and he said he just bought generic Jdm flares off eBay for $150 and had the car wrapped. Any photos of other SH...
  3. 2021 Model Info Released

    News, Rumors and Media
    Courtesy of the Subaru Media Center: August 19, 2020 , Camden, N.J. - SUBARU OF AMERICA ANNOUNCES PRICING ON 2021 FORESTER SUV LED Steering Responsive Headlights and High Beam Assist now...
  4. ('14-'18) 2015 - DIY - How to swap in a 2017 Limited instrument cluster and program your keys!

    Interior and Electronics
    I've decided to swap in a 2017 Limited instrument cluster into my 2015 Premium and after hours of research and testing, I have succeeded in doing it without dealer assistance. I'll go over everything I figured out along the way and describe it with as much detail as possible. The cluster has...
  5. Is this 2017 Subaru Forester w/ 74k miles a good buy?

    Forester Shopping
    Hi all, Wanted to come to the expert place for Subaru's since I'm considering my first Subaru purchase. Currently driving a 2012 Hyundai Sonata with about 140k miles on it and as I relocate to the NE, I felt like now is the time to upgrade my car. Looking to start fresh, wanting some with...
  6. G'day from W.A. (Western Australia)

    New Member Introductions
    Have had my Forester MY20 2.5iS for 2 months now and lovin it. First Subaru and first SUV.
  7. 2002 Forester L

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! First time in a forum and looking for some advice. I’m have my much loved Forester which has already undergone 1 engine change and Now it’s over heating and loosing coolant. Everyone tells me to get rid of it :-( the car ran great again after the engine change for another 5 years...
  8. Hi folks

    New Member Introductions
    Recently i am the new proud owner of forester sport 2020. Moreover we have become a subaru family, 😆, since my mom also received her brand new xv crosstrek plus.. Both of us are very happy & satisfied...however i am searching some knowledge regarding replacing the side mirrors in my forester...
  9. ('03-'05) Black 04 SH9 XT Luxury

    Members' Journals
    04 SG9 XT Luxury 2.5L 5 speed manual Ill try to update this original post with some older pics too
  10. ('09-'13) 2012 - Biggest tire size with no lift?

    Wheels and Tires
    So I recently got a 2012 forester premium and I love it. I just want to turn it into more of an adventuremobile on a budget. I know the rims on this thing are 17”. does anyone know the meatiest tires I can run without any rubbing and without a lift?
  11. New Mexico roo saying hi

    New Member Introductions
    I own a daily WRX hatch 2013 and a 05 Forester XT thats heavily modified for "overlanding" and off-roading
  12. ('09-'13) 2010 - Parallel fuel rail system possible?

    EJ25 - 2.5L Turbocharged (2004-2013)
    Hey all, I saw this video on parallel fuel rails and how they can prolong engine life, seems pretty cool to me, but is it possible on a 2010 Forester XT EJ 255? I know a lot of WRX 08 parts are compatible but couldn’t find anything Forester specific that people have done. Have any of you XT guys...
  13. Which inverter do you recommend choosing for Subaru Forester?

    Lighting and Electrical
    This article has examples of the best automotive inverters. But I'm not strong in this thread. Please give me an advice! Thank:)
  14. ('03-'05) Ej25 oil leak - oil cooler or head gasket?

    Problems, Maintenance, and Warranty
    Can you guys tell if this is just the oil cooler gasket or the head gasket?
  15. SOLD: 2014 Forester XT Touring $20,000 OBO

    Canadian Marketplace
    Clean 2014 Forester XT Touring for sale. 95,000K Lovely machine. Work calls and I can't bring the car. 2.0L Turbocharged 250 hp Backup camera, heated seats, HK stereo. Power lift gate,Stock car except for Helle horns. Second owner. Weather-tek front mats. Vancouver BC area please. No Trades...
  16. I want sketch - skid plates for subaru forester 2008-2013

    Utility and Protection
    hi ppl want sketch - skid plates for subaru forester 2011 I want to do it myself I
  17. 20-20190101_214958.jpg


    Subar SF and SG side-by-side at night (night 4)
  18. 19-20180714_171704.jpg


    Subar SF and SG side-by-side (part 3)
  19. 18-20180714_171644.jpg


    Subar SF and SG side-by-side (part 2)
  20. 17-20180714_171548.jpg


    Subar SF and SG side-by-side (part 1)