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  1. Engine Management, Tuning and Datalogging
    Hey! I joined the other day and I was just wondering what my next purchase should be? The forester I bought is running the EJ257 on the stock ECU and I know next to nothing about tuning, I've been told to buy a Cobb Acess port: can someone just tell me real quick where I could buy one, and what...
  2. Parts For Sale or Trade
    Selling a used STI Front Tower Brace for 14-18 Foresters XT. It has some small nicks and scratches nothing major fully functional. If you have any questions let me know. Local pick up in Socal, Torrance area. Price $240, can ship but you will need to cover the cost as it's long.... Thanks for...
  3. EJ25 - 2.5L Turbocharged (2004-2013)
    So I looking into replacing my oem motor mounts and I was wondering if the Subaru sti group N mounts would fit on my forester xt?
  4. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hello all. I'm building a list of parts to help better prolong the life of my Forester and looking for input on anything I should add. Any and all input welcome 🙏🏿
  5. Wheels and Tires / Tyres
    Hi I am currently looking into 2020 WRX rims that is 245/35/18 +55 8.5in and my current car is a 2018 Forester XT with 225/55/18 +48 7in. My question is how much of a spacer I will need to clear the inner strut and with no rubbing. I know I will need to convert 5x100 to 5x114.3. Anyone have...
  6. European Marketplace
    I'm selling a set of sti alloy front arms from a forester sti and a new set of ball joint cones included. £150 collection preferred from tn29 More items will be added later :cool:
  7. Exterior and Body
    Wanted to share a little splash of customization on the back of my Sport. Once I discovered there was a JDM component designed to fill the indention at the base of the liftgate, I knew what had to be done. It’s thick rubbery PVC with a carbon fiber pattern and adhesive backing. Took about a...
  8. Transmission and Driveline
    Hi All, Question upfront: what 5 speed manual transmissions will fit on an '02 Forester? Is there an actual fit problem with using a tranny with a different Final Drive Ratio? I just bought my first Subaru, a modified '02 Forester, and I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Among the...
  9. Engine and Exhaust
    In search of UEL headers for my (JDM) sf5 sti, having a hard time finding any information on what will fit. I am reading a lot of 02+ wrx parts fit. Curious if this is the case for headers aswell.
  10. JDM Gas Cap Stickers

    Somehow the most insignificant of goodies from Japan is the best.
  11. Interior and Electronics
    Does anyone know whether the 2015+ sti seats would fit into an sg9 forester? I know there’s a seat forum but it hasn’t been updated since the new gen has come out. Found a sweet deal on some 2017 Seats but not sure if they’ll fit
  12. Suspension and Handling
    Hi, Just fitted some 2015+ VA STI/WRX ('18 STI in this case) control arms to my MY09 SH Forester XT and want ed to do a lengthy boring write-up for anyone that wants to follow. The short version: Why: Because my old bushes were stuffed and for the price of the bushes I could get a pair of arms...
  13. Suspension and Handling
    I know there is a lot of information on this forum going over this but I haven't seen many photos or walkthrough of exactly how to fit these STi control arms on an SJ Forester so I winged it and took some photos along the way. This was done on a 2015 Forester XT. I bought these 2016 STi lower...
  14. Brakes
    wondering if anyone on here has done the 2018 sti 6 piston front brembos on their 2014+ forester? i found one person who has done them and what i took away is that they bolt right up with no adapter and you ust need the dual drilled rotors for the 2018+ sti from dba or faction fab etc, and to...
  15. Suspension and Handling
    Swapping in JDM SG9 STI shocks and springs - would that be a quick and effective way to lower my 06 X and improve the ride and do they bolt straight up to the standard X suspension?
  16. Lighting and Electrical
    Trying to understand how the SG9 facelift HID leveling system works with a view to swapping it into my X. I've seen posts referring to leveling components on the suspension, small leveling motors for the lights and also a dash switch with 5 manual settings on it. Wondering then is the system...
  17. EJ25 - 2.5L Turbocharged (2004-2013)
    Hello all, first post here. I recently bought a 2009 Forester XT from a dealership and about three weeks after owning it the turbo went, taking the cats out with it. The 3rd party warranty from the dealer covers the turbo replacement, but not the cats. I have found a used STI exhaust of the same...
  18. Lighting and Electrical
    Re MY06, do XS & XT headlights fit properly with an STi front bumper? What about STi headlights, do they fit properly with an XS or XT fog light front bumper? Also do XT headlights fit XS bumpers, and vice versa? Any tips or insights will be appreciated👍🏻
  19. Suspension and Handling
    hey fellow forester owners, I've found a good condition set of complete 2002 wrx sti wagon struts and was considering buying them to use to lower my 2004 forester x. they are the wagon ones so i shouldnt need saggy butt spacers? will these struts bolt directly in or will i have to change the...
1-19 of 41 Results