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  2. ('19+) 2020 - Difference between fog covers 57731SJ180 / 57731SJ190 and 57731SJ140 / 57731SJ150?

    Lighting and Electrical
    I've searched but cannot find, What's the difference between fog covers 57731SJ180 / 57731SJ190 and 57731SJ140 / 57731SJ150? Im looking for the Stock, Black, Sport covers to complete my LED upgrade and I'm seeing both pairs come up, the former about half the price of the latter. Why the 100%...
  3. FS: (For Sale) Forester 09-13 Rally Innovations Light Bar

    Parts For Sale
    Parts are located in Ventura CA. Prefer local pickup. Everything is used but in good shape. Just show some typical wear. Rally Innovations Light Bar. Comes with all necessary mounting hardware. $150 Forester Sport Mesh Grille. Black. Has a WRC badge on it not the Subaru badge. Badge has wear...
  4. ('19+) 2020 - Rear, cargo area 12V outlet - what do people use this for?

    Interior and Electronics
    Just wondering what people use this for... feel like I need to plug something in.
  5. ('19+) 2019 - Driver’s Seat/Seat Belt Buckle constantly squeaking & don’t feel very stable?

    Interior and Electronics
    Hey, everyone! I’ve got a bit of a problem with my forester sport. when I’m driving around, my seat belt buckle (the part that is screwed into the seat frame) and the actual seat are constantly squeaking and don’t feel very stable. Specifically when I’m turning. I will be honest, sometimes I do...
  6. New Subie owner- 2020 Forester Sport

    New Member Introductions
    Howdy! Just purchased my wife a 2020 Forester Sport from Five Star Subaru in Grapevine TX. Had a wonderful experience with Ron Berman as our salesman. Came across a smokin' deal, and I was able to negotiate the installation of custom LEATHER seats! They were even able to match the orange...
  7. ('09-'13) 2010 - Sport Mode gives me better gas mileage? - Updated!

    Fuel Economy and Alternative Fuels
    Change my mind. J/K regular mode =22.3 mpg sport mode = 24-25 mpg Been having an issue with my Foz over the past 2 or so years with bad MPG, and not starting in severe cold(for my area -5F) or drastic change in temperature overnight, as well as weird/hard/quick up then down shifting, as well as...