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  1. Utility and Protection
    We were torn about roof racks and what to do and ended up getting a Haulmaster basket from Harbor Freight. With coupons and a sale we picked it up for less than $75. From what we read the biggest negative was possible rusting. We ended up spraying about 4 coats of spray can truck bed liner...
  2. Videos
    Here’s my latest video on my Subaru Channel. Me and a buddy did a Friday the 13th overnighter on Bingham Mtn, a local Jeep trail in North Alabama. X-Mode came in handy a few times and the Subaru outperformed my expectations! Hope y’all enjoy! if you like it, throw your brother a subscription please!
  3. Member Galleries
    We finally took our first dispersed camping trip with our 2020 Forester Sport. We constructed a sleep platform, devised a DIY tarp set up and are working on our camping gear arrangement. We have car camped, canoe camped, backpacked, etc...for decades and this is our next evolution. We...
1-3 of 3 Results