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  1. Supporting Vendors
    Enjoy lower prices along with extra 10% discount for all Forum Members with the code FRSTRFRM10 for our 1/4-in. thick aluminum skid plates Engine Skid Plate | Transmission Skid Plate Offer is limited to stock on hand
  2. Parts For Sale or Trade
    Selling a brand new, still-in-box OEM Forester Wilderness Aluminum Engine Underguard Protection/Skidplate and hardware (part#: E515SSJ050 LINK). This OEM skidplate has now been discontinued and as far as I know, there are none left. It's specifically designed for the Wilderness, and is...
  3. Vendor Deals
    Why not to save this holiday season... Enjoy 20% off RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plates product with code FRSTRFRM20 at checkout Shipping companies are hard on us but we are easy on you... FREE SHIPPING!
  4. Utility and Protection
    Does anyone know if the skid plate/engine underguard in a 2022 Wilderness is compatible with a 2022 Sport? ** I purchased an OEM Subaru skid plate/engine under guard for my Wilderness (Subaru part# E515SSJ050) when they were still available -- of course now, they're discontinued apparently...
  5. Central Forum
    Looking for one 2022 Subaru Forester owner in Houston TX area to test install new hood lifts. The product sample stays on the vehicle ;).
  6. Front bumper build

    Front bumper build
  7. Parts For Sale or Trade
    UPDATE 1 w/ location: Albuquerque, NM. UPDATE 2 w/ shipping info. UPDATE 3: sold locally Looking to sell either the full set or just the front skid plate. All hardware to install is included. The front skid plate only fits the 2014-2018 XT (as well as a 2015+ WRX). The mid-armor skid plates...
  8. Utility and Protection
    Can anyone tell me the weight of the steel and alloy skid plates that Subaru offers for the 19+ Foresters? Any advantage of one over the other? Will not be used for any offroading, just general under engine protection.
  9. Utility and Protection
    anyone know where to get skid plates like different quality then plastic
  10. Exterior and Body
    Hello, I looked and did not find this posted already but I may have missed it. The OEM 2019 Forester skid plate has a couple of arms that go up inside the wheel well area while the aftermarket ones just bolt on the bottom. Seems like it is pretty intentional on Subaru's part to put those arms...
1-10 of 10 Results