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  1. Lighting and Electrical
    howdy all! I've got this here 2000 Forester 240k miles and it's got this funny issue I can't seem to sort out: Sometimes when going to start the car (this could be in the morning after not being driven for 12+ hours, or at the gas station following filling up) when the key reaches the ON...
  2. Lighting and Electrical
    Hey guys New Year. I have a 2016 Subaru forester and was driving Home when the steering wheel moved forward because the telescoping thing was loose somehow . The car turned off and lost power to the dashboard and the radio. The lights still worked and the door locks worked as well along with the...
  3. Lighting and Electrical
    First time post here... Recently, the battery in my 2005 Forester was losing its charge. I did a bit of testing myself and found it to be the alternator. I put in a remanufactured alternator from NAPA, and it seems to work alright. During this testing though, I seem to have found (or caused)...
1-3 of 3 Results