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  1. ('01-'02) 2002 - JDM Ej205 - Hesitation under load?

    EJ20 - 2.0L Turbocharged
    Hey everyone! I'm having issues with my jdm SG5 looking for advice before I bring her in. I parked the car for a month while waiting for brakes from japan. Now I'm driving it again to get to school. Runs and drives fine in city and hwy speeds untill I start climbing hills, I live in the...
  2. Compatible parts between SG and SH foresters?

    Parts & Accessories
    Hello. I’m wondering if anybody would know about how compatible forester parts are between the 2011 Forester SH and the 2005 Forester XS SG5. I have an ‘05 now and was offered an ‘11 recently for parts $800(has motor issues). Just wondering if I’d be saving a whole lot of money having a newer...
  3. ('01-'02) 2002 - SG5 JDM Headlights - possible to switch DOT approved headlights onto the JDM HID headlights?

    Lighting and Electrical
    Hey guys — new to the Forester Family and couldn’t be happier. Recently imported a 2.0 L cross sports turbo from Japan to Canada and didn’t realize the headlights were wired for HID. Unfortunately, the DOT headlights I purchased to replace them are halogens so they won’t work for the current...
  4. Forester project

    (not driving untill dyno tune is booked in) so dont give me poop for the current state of the vehicle lol. bit of a silly build but all for fun and knowledge growth! project so far as follows... stock apart from, k&n air filter STI intercooler Xforce catless bell mouth down pipe- 3"cattback...