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  1. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Well to be specific it's my cruise control cable - I've adjusted it all the way as tight as it can go on both ends (I'm running out of threads) and there's still a noticeable amount of slack in it. I was surprised it ever worked at all because it's been like this since I took the cruise control...
  2. EJ25 - 2.5L Non-Turbo (1998-2010)
    Hey guys just finished up my head gasket job, went to start the car and get something like this: First thought was PS / AC belts, so I took them both off for this video. I believe it's coming from the front of the car. When i let go of the clutch it seems to get 'faster' but this very...
  3. Cooling Systems
    Today I ran my car for a few minutes, shut if off and looked under the hood and my coolant overflow was full to the top, with my radiator looking very empty again. When I opened the radiator cap some coolant shot out of the reservoir, scared the crap out of me but it was barely even warm, I...
  4. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Today I went to leave the junk yard and my 99 SF6 wouldn't start. Luckily there was a lot of car guys around to help, lol. It's done this a few times before but I had never suspected the starter until now, it always would fire up after a few tries and I figured it just needed a couple seconds to...
  5. Sourcing Parts & Accessories
    I’m sure everyone loves rare parts, but digging too deep and dropping a pretty penny is even more fun imo. Everyone should drop their favorite score or what rare piece you’re looking for! i just got these tail lights and i can’t wait to install them! Also hoping to score a garnish one day.
  6. Interior and Electronics
    I started off trying to find their part number but I think that's useless at this point, because it's been 3 and a half hours and I can't even find a picture or really anything more about them. I think I'm the only person on earth at this point looking for OEM tweeters that fit the SF6. I found...
1-6 of 6 Results