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seat covers

  1. Interior and Electronics
    I’m looking for a good quality neopreme seat cover for a 19 Forester Premium. does anyone recommend a certain manufacturer or brand for this? I can’t seem to choose online as I read a lot of horror stories from people who order seat covers but get sent the wrong one, don’t get sent at all, etc...
  2. Utility and Protection
    New to the forum. Just purchased a 2021 Forrester Sport. Ordered a seat protector for the dog. No instruction page whatsoever. I have previously installed aftermarket cover but nothing that fits like this. I understand it's a factory fit. I have the seat back basically installed. Here's my...
  3. Utility and Protection
    Wondering if any other owners of a 2019 Subaru Forester have found good seat covers. We have a Premium model and ideally are looking for something tougher (water resistant, canvas-like) for our dogs and to protect against wear and tear. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!