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rust repair

  1. How to remove rust from Chrome Sockets?

    Tools For Repair and Maintenance
    Has anyone here used any of the following products/solutions to remove rust from chrome sockets? Evaporust Vinegar Bath Oxalic Acid Bath Molasses Bath (3-1 part water or the longer soak10-1 part water) I'm hoping one of you might have a recommendation for me. Was lucky enough to have my dad's...
  2. ('03-'05) 2005 - Floor pan rust work. Other things to do with carpet out?

    Interior and Electronics
    Well folks, today the boredom of being stuck at home set in. I was originally running wire for new speakers, and noticed some rust under the carpet in the drivers foot well. Since I already had half the interior apart for the wiring, and have nothing but time at the moment anyways, I decided to...