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  1. ('09-'13) Dealer misaligned tailgate/lights/frame - Help!

    Exterior and Body
    After an SUV ran into the back of our Forester, smashing the steel ebike rack and denting the tailgate, the dealer "repaired" it with a gap you can put your finger in on one side and almost touching the tail lamp on the other. Subaru of America says it doesn't care. Where do we go next? Photos...
  2. 2015 - Forester maintenance + repair Washginton DC area?

    Eastern Forum
    I'm looking for reliable mechanics in the DC metro area. I'm in Alexandria VA. Yelp reviews leave too much to the imagination. Currently I need fluids done all around, oil, transmission, radiator flush etc. Honesty and reliability are hard to find. Prefer no upselling for things I don't...
  3. ('03-'05) 2004 - Changing radiator hoses, question about clamps?

    Cooling Systems
    hey there! I just bought a used forester 2004 and have to do some work on it. this will be my first time changing radiator hoses so I just want to get some opinions before i get started. I've read a lot about avoiding tightening the clamps too tight, which makes sense. My question is how do I...