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  1. Interior and Electronics
    Ok, so when I bought this car it came with a "Karr" Security System box that was unplugged. I've taken the keyless entry unit out of another 99 as well as an unpaired key fob & the harnesses. Mounted up the keyless entry module and figured out where the harness goes (there was a connection with...
  2. Interior and Electronics
    I purchased a 2014 Forester and would like to install a remote starter. What is the best one to go with that won't break the bank and that is easy to install?
  3. Interior and Electronics
    I purchased my Forester which had one key remote working and the other not. After a period it became obvious that the "good" remote required a new battery. As a test run, I opened up the non-working remote, checked the battery type and also noticed the +ve connector to the battery was lose...