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  1. Exterior and Body
    Hello all, My 2016 rear hatch is stuck in the half open/half closed position. The handle that electrically operates the release doesn't seem to be working. Is there a fuse that might be blown? Also, if I want to adjust the latch for improved latchability (once I fix the release), do I need to...
  2. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    Hello All, My 2010 forester's hatch doesn't open with the key, it beeps and flashes three times but doesn't do anything. I can still open it up normally with the button on the hatch. Any ideas of what the beeping means or what to do to fix it?
  3. Exterior and Body
    Has anyone installed different gas springs or moved mounts to increase the lift height of the hatch? I’m only 5’9” and I’m CONSTANTLY hitting my head on the hatch. Every time I bump my noggin I hope and pray that some staff designer at Subaru got fired for not giving us a few more inches of lift...
  4. Interior and Electronics
    So, This started a few months ago. This happens every time without failure. After I put my car into park, turn off the engine, remove the key, then open the rear gate to retrieve something, then close the rear gate, my fey fob doesn't respond to any of the buttons. I click the lock button and...
  5. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    I tried to open up the rear hatch while the car is on. I had it in Park, but it still would not open and I had to turn off the vehicle before being able to open. It was a little annoying since my wife and I were dropping things off to friends and she was getting off the car to drop off. I had to...
  6. Interior and Electronics
    Ever since they "fixed" my rear hatch by replacing its control unit (or whatever they did), my radio no longer recognizes my iPhone when I connect it. I get the "No device attached" or "Do you want to add a device", but that's for BlueTooth and I have it plugged into the USB port. I have to...
  7. Forester Shopping
    Hey all, I live in Washington State and I'm looking for a Hatch for my '02 Subaru Forester S. Don't have a lot of money but really need one. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  8. General Troubleshooting and Technical Help
    '15 Forrester rear hatch won't open, particularly after it has been sitting for overnight. Often when I drive it across town, I'll be able to open it again. I've tried starting the vehicle, locking and unlocking the doors, and even giving the hatch a nudge to ensure it's fully closed. Nothing...
1-8 of 8 Results