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  1. ('09-'13) 2009 - Overheating, head gasket?

    Cooling Systems
    Hi! My 2009 Forester I bought 6 weeks ago is now taking 1/2 gallon of water a day and there is no evidence of a leak, no drips or puddles underneath. Where is all the liquid going? Does this mean it's leaking into the motor? Blown head gasket? There is no coolant in the oil. The overflow tank...
  2. ('09-'13) 2010 - Radiator Replacement?

    Cooling Systems
    Hi, My radiator is leaking along the plastic and aluminum seam like they generally do. This one made it 154,000mi. I've been researching which parts to swap out and ordered a new radiator, upper hose, and lower hose. Was going to get a new thermostat as well in case that was part of the problem...
  3. ('03-'05) 2003 - Preferred Radiator?

    Cooling Systems
    Hey guys, I have a 2003 X 5spd and I like driving in the mountains a fair bit. No matter how I drive, I end up getting quite hot during long hill climbs. I've tried everything from crawling up in 1st gear to just sending it. This past weekend after replacing my head gaskets (part of the original...
  4. ('09-'13) Anyone tried a Skunk2 Radiator on an 09-13 Forester XT?

    Cooling Systems
    My radiator took a dump all over the road the other day and I'm looking to get a new one. Of course, the stealership wants $329 for a plastic piece of OEM trash, but I might as well upgrade to something better if I'm going to spend money. The Skunk2 is $279 and it's all aluminum. I see that it...
  5. ('01-'02) 2002 - Radiator leak - replace radiator or other solution?

    Cooling Systems
    My beloved 2002 Forester (2.0l engine) started to leak coolant from the top of the radiator. There’s a tiny hole in the plastic on top that spits out coolant. Is there a way to replace only the plastic part at the top or do I need to replace the whole radiator? Or maybe there’s another solution...
  6. ('06-'08) 2006 - ATF Oil Cooler - Swapped (Mixed-up) Hoses?

    Transmission and Driveline
    Hi all, I recently replaced my radiator but failed to mark the hoses running from the steel lines on the US-driver side of the car to ATF oil cooler on the bottom of the radiator. There is a long hose and a short hose. I found a diagram that shows the long hose connecting to the steel line...
  7. ('03-'05) 2004 - Help diagnose transmission problem - AT Oil temp light?

    Transmission and Driveline
    Hey guys, I'm new here and am new to self-maintenance on my car. I haven't had any trouble with my '04 Forester, up until this past month. I noticed I was slowly losing coolant and was topping it off until I could get to it. So this past weekend I tried my hand at replacing old cooling lines...